KRCS is always looking for new members to share the fun of our hobby. If you are interested in joining KRCS, we encourage you to come out to the field and introduce yourself. Club members are usually flying during the week and especially on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during warmer weather, along with Saturdays and Sundays. If you see that the gate is open come on in!

Here’s how you can become a member:

  1. Contact one of the officers on the club website or talk to one of the flyers at the KRCS Creamery field. They can help you fill out the needed form for club membership.
  2. Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). See for information.
  3. Attend a Club meeting. These are the first Monday of the month. The dates will be posted in the newsletter accessible on the KRCS website. At the monthly meeting, introduce yourself to the Board and announce your intention to join the Club. Club Members present will vote on your acceptance into the Club. If you are successful, you will be asked to pay your dues and you will receive a membership card.
  4. Once you become a member, you are required to attend flight training for new members before flying on your own. You must pass the flight proficiency to fly on your own. Participate in KRCS Club events such as Fun Fly's and are entitled to use the Club flying field in accordance with all Field and Membership rules.
  5. All members are asked to attend the monthly club meetings as frequently as possible, and to participate in club events.

Benefits of Joining KRCS

  • Access to the Club flying site
  • Free flight instruction from experienced pilots.
  • Assistance with all aspects of getting started in radio control model aviation.
  • Monthly membership meetings to socialize with others in the hobby, get help, tips and advice
  • Monthly Newsletter with articles on the hobby and news about the Club.
  • Liability insurance (included with your AMA membership, which is a requirement for Club membership).
  • Full access to the flying field, including gate code and access to the KRCS website.

Club Dues Club Membership rules currently define 3 classes of membership Open, Senior, Youth, and Associate/ Non Flying. Dues are paid on an annual basis.

Flight Instruction

All new members are required to work with our very skilled instructors until they acquire sufficient skills to fly their airplane safely. Once the instructor feels the pilot is ready, they are asked to pass a qualification test in the presence of two instructors. Once the test is passed the new pilot is allowed to fly solo, but instructors are always willing to help.

Please know that instructors are giving of their time and talents to help you learn to fly. They will help as much as possible to make your flight instruction and enjoyable experience. But, as in all situations some things are out of the control of the instructor. You as the pilot/owner are responsible for your airplane and any damage that may result from its flight. It is not the responsibility of the instructor, the club, or its officers.